Agraj (5 – 6yrs)

Agraj is the delightful next step for your child, typically around 5 years old. It's where they truly flourish, honing their skills, forging deeper friendships, and getting ready to thrive in the world of formal education. At this stage, their growth knows no bounds, as they become even more adept at communication, problem-solving, and creativity. Agraj is where the foundation for a lifetime of learning is solidified, and your child's journey towards a bright future takes a giant leap forward.

Anuj ( 4 – 5 yrs)

Anuj is a magical stage where your child, at around 4 years old, embarks on a thrilling journey of growth. They'll master motor skills, explore the wonders of language, build friendships, and prepare themselves confidently for the exciting world of formal schooling. It's a pivotal step in their development, where curiosity, creativity, and confidence come together to shape their bright future.

Prarambhik (3 – 4 yrs)

Prarambhik age group falls in between 3 to 4 years old. At this age of child development, they experience significant cognitive, social, and emotional growth. They begin to develop language skills, explore their independence, and interact with peers, which makes it an ideal time for them to start their educational journey in a nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment.


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